At Magnum we have a firm rule that all CPAN modules on our machines are installed from RPMs. The Fedora and Centos projects build RPMs for many CPAN modules, but there are always ones missing and the ones that are available often lag behind the most up to date versions.

For that reason, we build a lot of RPMs of CPAN modules. And we don't want to keep that work to ourselves, so on these pages we make them available for anyone to download.

Supported Versions

Currently we have RPMs available for the following distributions (as these are the distributions that we use):

Unsupported Versions

We also have packages available for older versions of Centos and Fedora, but these packages are no longer maintained or refreshed. Packages for the following versions are available:

For some older versions we have support for both i386 and x86_64 architectures. More recently we have only been supporting x86_64.

These repositories are built to work with yum (or, more recently, dnf), the standard command line package manager for Fedora and Centos. In order to to use these repositories with yum or dnf on your system you should download the correct configuration file (either Fedora or Centos) and place it in your /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory. This will also add the Magnum repository to the list available from the GUI package management tool PackageKit. I'll be creating RPMs for these configuation files shortly.

We are trying not to repeat other people's work here. So we don't build RPMs for modules that are already supplied by other well-known RPM repositories (although we may sometimes make a newer version available when it's required to build an RPM that we are interested in). This means that our RPMs may well depend on RPMs that are already available from other sources. The other repositories that we use vary between Fedora and Centos. Currently they are:



You'll need to configure yum/dnf to use the appropriate repositories in order to guarantee being able to use our RPMs.

Note that the RPMs from our repository are not currently signed. This is something that we want to add add as soon as possible.

In the not too distant future we hope to automate the building of these RPMs so that a new version will appear here soon after it is uploaded to CPAN. Watch this space for more details on that.

If you have any questions about our RPMs or would like to suggest new CPAN modules for us to convert to RPMs then please email